Every time I have a drink with my good friend over at Sara Bakes Cakes, I start harassing her about how she doesn’t blog enough. She’s not even halfway through her Porkslap and I’m already rattling off all the “quick! easy!” ways she could keep her blog alive.

I realize we can’t all be Sheri, but look at Nina! If she can do it….!


I posted here a whopping 13 times last year. (13 times in 2013! At least I was symmetrical.)

But the crazy part is how much I think about this blog.

I write at least 5 posts a week. I keep lists of them. I write snappy ledes. I find the perfect image.

In. My. Head.

So here’s what we decided: For the month of January, we will write one post each week.

Why we bother

Even though I am a book coach, I actually do not believe everyone in the world needs to be read. Including myself.

But I’ve come to realize that it’s personally important to me to keep this blog going.

It’s how I connect with myself and other people who are on the same path as me. I’ve found so much hope and inspiration and laughter from other bloggers, and this is my small way to join the conversation.

So there you go. Every week in the month of January I will be sitting down and picking from my long list of blog ideas on Springpad. And presumably Sara will be doing the same. And at the end of the month we can assess and see how that pace felt, and if we want to continue.

Who else is in?


P.S. Happy New Year from the twins!

merry christmas from the twins