I recently received a beautiful gift from a dear friend: a Reiki session.

Before our session began, Sarah asked me if I wanted to state any intentions.

The words that came to mind were: Surrender. Security. Grounding. Faith.

But what emerged as Sarah worked her gentle magic was this: Receive.


Receive love.

Receive the kindness of my neighbors who have given me so much for these babies on the way.

Receive the abundance that is all around me — focus on this and not the fear of “what ifs”.

Receive the beauty of the tree branches glistening as sun shines on melting snow.

Receive my new role as a mother of four, picturing us gathered around a table, a circle of (loud, messy, chaotic) love.

Receive faith, knowing that all of today’s worries can be solved with one phone call. Which makes them seem not so big after all.

Receive healing, and trust that this discomfort will not last forever.

Receive love. The pure, in the moment kind my children radiate with every single day.



Thank you, Sarah, for your gift.