It can be so very easy to blow things off, especially when we are over tired, not feeling well, or struggling with something we don’t really want to share with the world, like anxiety or feeling blue.

And yet the things we blow off are the very things we signed up for or said yes to because of their potential to bring us joy. The yoga class. The awesome group of local bloggers. The day at the zoo with a friend.

This morning I was moments away from blowing off the yoga class I love. Then I focused on how I feel after the yoga class–exhilarated, victorious, relaxed and happy. I showed up to class this morning, and now I feel all those things. If I hadn’t shown up, I would’ve maybe made it next week. That is, if I could break through the inertia that gets stronger the longer we blow things off.

Because that’s how it works: The more we blow off, the more miserable we feel, even though our exhuastion/sickness/depression tells us staying home, or staying stuck is what we need most of all. The more miserable we feel, the less likely we are to show up.

This week I will practice showing up.

I will practice not listening to the voice that tells me that staying home is a better alternative.

I will focus on how I feel after I attend the things I love.

(And I won’t let my little homebody 3 year old talk me out of it, either.)