I’ve been back to work for a couple of months now, but things got kicked up a notch last week when I started a consulting project in-house with a client. This means my husband Ian and I are both commuting to NYC.

I’ve never been much of a clock-watching scheduler, but I do believe in the power of routine—doing things in the same order so everyone can do them on autopilot.

Here’s how we run our mornings with 4 under 6.


  • Get up (our 12-month-old twins have most likely been complaining in their cribs for 15 minutes or so)
  • Change both babies’ diapers.
  • Husband wakes up the big kids and goes downstairs to make coffee and 1 milk bottle


  • Teo drinks a bottle while Juney nurses.
  • Husband gets showered and dressed.
  • Big kids stumble into my room and start to get dressed.
  • I administer about 100 threats to the boys about getting dressed.


  • Husband sets out something for boys to eat (usually) and leaves for the train
  • I put 1 baby in an Exersaucer and the other in a Pack n Play while I take a shower


  • Big kids are usually dressed by now and playing with babies
  • They might even go downstairs by themselves to eat
  • I get dressed and put on makeup. Sometimes I bring a baby in with me while big kids play with the other baby.


  • I start getting everyone downstairs, taking one baby at a time.
  • Babies sit in their high chairs and snack on O’s while staring at their big brothers.
  • I prep my breakfast (usually a green smoothie) and get ready to drive Isaiah to school.


  • Our beloved au pair emerges from her room smiling and fresh after a full night of sleep.
  • Au pair takes over with the babies.
  • Isaiah (kindergartener) gets teeth brushed/hair brushed/shoes on.


  • Drive Isaiah to kindergarten. He gets to school a bit early so he can run around and play before sitting at his desk.
  • Once Judah completely ready for school, he can have computer time until it’s time for him to leave. If he complains when it’s time to go or gives me a hard time about getting out the door, computer time is taken away for the next morning.


  • Return home.
  • Make my smoothie and pack up my bag/computer/high-protein snack.


  • Au pair and I get the babies and Judah down the stairs and into the car.
  • They drive me to the train. Blow a million kisses to my babies.
  • Au pair will now drive Judah to preschool and take babies back home.


  • I made it. On the train platform with all the other working parents.
  • Ride the comfy, quiet train along the Hudson river until we reach the city.